Wednesday, 18 November 2015

arrenged marriage

November 15

Today I was , helping my mother  with their shop, and went am going to said to my mom that the work was ready, I see that she was talking with other women of the same age, probably a friend but I never see it before, but the really surprise was that, at her side was the most pretty girl that I see in my life,, she was a little smaller than me, but he has a really gigantic presence for me but not disgusting, besides was so attractive, like poison. I was literally in shock, went she smile, so pretty, I fell in sky. Well, when I wake up, they my mom were talking to me, saying, hey come here and properly hello, and we were presents, the name of the girl was Tanisha, when I check his name in my main, I think “o god thanks”.

Frebrery 14
O was a little of time since my last written, but well this time my life have only one definition “all good”, but why, ha its simply, the things with Tanisha are all good, so great we can say, the first time that I see I propose to me to win their love, at that was complete today, yes this day in the afternoon when we go aut to the beach, I declare, and propose to by my girlfriend, yes with the nervous feeling until the end, but you know what? She say yes, I was nervous for nothing, besides how someone can rejecting me, you now? no,no,no jokes, this was my happiness moment of my life.

 June 26
All the good things have their final, and seriously that sentence I hate with all my heart, today Tanisha, said to me that their parents arranges a married with some guy, and she had to fulfilled  the tradition, and that she can’t escape because this is a marriage that is planning since she had 3 years old. I was mute, without a noise, a can give her an answer, I can say scape with me, because she loves her family, that was a thing that she appreciate the most, I can take all that love and destroy all of that. I go to my house telling her “all is going to go well” but myself don’t believe it.

June 27
O well yesterday was rouge but today is a mess, you want to faind a way to destroy all my hopes well the this it, my father’s told me that I had a arranged marriage to, aha irony you know?. Well it all I think, a Pd: Im going to meet her in 2 days.

June 29
I was surprise, I can’t believe, o save gods thanks, hahahahaha I can’t writte all of this, well a summery; I have to go to the dinner, and you now with ho, with Tanisha.

individual oral preparation

In this image you can see the topic of health, we can think at seeing the picture that this adult is using some steroids to be more stronger, focusing in the biceps, going every day for training at the gym,  because the steroids repare the muscle for more training and given energy for train more time.

In my point of view, the use of steroids is bad because produce a danger for the healt, to the hand of the training, and thinking a little you can obtain the same but only in a langer time.

 Caption: "I love being here, where everything seems new!"

In this caption we can see a little kid with the person I suppose is her mother, and their are taking a photo in singapur, with their all gigantic and expensive building , all new and shiny, showing the great economic power of the city. also we can see a marmol statue.

this image retrate the incredible power of singapur and showing ther grats views.

news report

England- This last year the level of alcohol that teenayers consumed has increased in a very dangerous way. This is because teenayers are having easy acces to alcohol and also by the social pressure that forces them to drink.

Doctors have said that the abuse of this substance in teenayers affects the brain seriously, killing neurons... it also affect education of teenayers who drink behave they get lazier to study. Parents are losing the control of the parties that they children go to. " I dont know what do my kid with his friends, but always that i come to get it he smells like alcohol". Said Jhon Mackenzy, father of alcoholic teenayer.

These teenayers are most ofthen to be alcoholic when they grow up. A survey says that the 90% of teenayers drinks because of social pressure. this is also happen with the cigarretes.
"I like alcohol , it makes me feel very confortable, I accept that I am a little addict, but I like the sensation that alcohol brings, a party without alcohol isnt a party". Says a 16-years-old  boy. Doctors says that this is going to increase with the years.

steryotypes and gender role

Stereotypes in the society: describing image, steriotypes with toys

In this image you can see two girls playing in their room, in ther you can see a table, the bed and some furniture, the caption title it’s said:

“At this time do not know if being a little girl good or a prostitute.”

The image represents the social steriotypes that affects in the mains of the peoples inside the society, in this case the girl is confused that the perfection or stereotype of beauty is that transmits your “acttitud or personality”, which she seems to be a prostitute. This affects because this idea can stay in the main of the kids, falling in there forever.

In my opinion the topic of stereotipes is a mess because, change the reality of the fings, we are all humans and we have to accept us, good things and bad always, because that open the main and crate ideas, the stereotype is only a bas common reference to crate and idea of someone with out now him, stopping the relations.

writting exercise

Steroid: Any of a large class of organic compounds with a characteristic molecular structure containing four rings of carbon atoms.

purging: Rid (someone) of an unwanted feeling, memory, or condition.

binge: A period of excessive indulgence  in an activity, especially drinking alcohol or eating
obesity: The state of being grossly fat or overweight.

anorexia: Lack or loss of appetite for food.

bulimia: An emotional disorder characterized by a distorted body image and an obsessive desire to lose weight, in which bouts of extreme overeating are followed by fasting or self-induced vomiting or purging.
manorexia: A term that has been used to refer to anorexia nervosa in males. This is not an officially recognized medical term but has been frequently used in media reports. See also anorexia nervosa.

bigorexia: a mental disorder characterized by a normal person's obsession with animagined defect in physical appearance.

body dysmorphic: disorder> a mental disorder characterized by distorted body image and obsessions about perceived physical shortcomings.  

1.    My friends use steroids for be more strong.
2.    Im purging the cancer
3.    I got binge in the party last night.
4.    My sister had obesity
5.    Poppy have anorexia
6.    All my family have possibilities of contract bulimia.
7.    There is a man ho got manorexia in the next department.
8.    I go to the gym and see 3 guys with bigorexia.

9.    A lot of younger have body dysmorphic disorder.

chapter 10 questions

1.    “Woods admired Biko’s attitude, but at the same time was shocked by the risk Biko was taking”.What is the risk Donald refers to?

2.    How did Mapetla die?

3.    Anticipate what you think will happen to Biko in Chapter 11.
1.- Biko has to take some risk, when mapela was arrested by the police, Donald says to biko that he travels into a white area in the night, and Biko answer, that " this is my country "  and for that is that he, travel where he like.

2.-  Mapetla was arrestetd by the police, and for five days was not idea where he was, then in some time they know that Mapetla was dead, "they say that he hanged himself".

3.- I think that in chapter eleven,  ther gonna be more problems araund Biko and they surrounding, and more fights for the racism.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Europe proyect

Option 1: Task 1


Dear diary:
I arrive from Europe, a see a lot of countries with their different cultures aspects, different people, and different quotidian aspects, all involved in a enormous beauty. But now a question catches me, all the beauty is the same?, in other word all the places that I see are beauty because are not normal for me to see or their had their proper beauty?.

Beauty, the quality of a person, a thing or an animal that provoke to anyone who see it a feeling of pleasure and happiness. This definition is the globally accepted, but when you had walk for a great variety of places you now, that the rule change because every place have their owns characteristics attraction’s that have their own beauty their own history.

I see the impotent mediaeval stile of United kingdom with their hug castles and wall that represent the brave spirit of the country history, that extend her pride to all the habitants that live under the sun of this country. I walk in the great epic center the cost of the “illustration” that move the critical thinking of the people in the hispan-american empire, giving us the desire of knowledge, seeing her history in the great museum of Luvre, and inhaling the air of the elegance in the Palace of Versalles. And for the final I put me in the great magic of the great’s passages of the Romans and Greeks, walking in the same roads of the great armies and emperors, and besides plunging into the great artistic culture of the country, see in firsthand the biggest exponents of the romanticism and the renascence cultural artistic movements.

Well I think that in the end their country have their own beauty because each one have different history, culture and hidden magic, so that every spectator who can stop in this old lands seek and find and define the beauty by their owns.